About Us

We work with a range of partners from various sectors and industries throughout Ireland. We understand the importance of having an online presence. Our Tech Solutions ensure your business thrives in the real world & online. 

At MyTechyPal we know how to help you grow.

Industry proven techniques and our highly experienced team ensure we get the best results for you! Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, App Development to Marketing Campaigns. We have the tools to improve the technical infrastructure in any company.
Start Ups
High Potential Start-Up businesses in Ireland. Our team provides hands-on support and technical solutions for entrepreneurs and early stage companies that are considered by MyTechyPal to have an innovative product, service or technology.
Established Businesses
We support established businesses in most sectors, in order to support and build a bigger & better technical infrastructure in their business.

You may have a business proposition with international sales potential that requires a technical capability that reaches an international audience and new customer base.

We make Tech easy

We understand the importance of clear communication with our partners through the lifespan of each project. Our main goals are to provide high value and expertise to all our partners.

Schedule a Call

We will contact you as soon as possible. It will be an introduction to MyTechyPal and what we offer. You can tell us what your business needs and we can provide a summary of potential technical soultions that fit your business profile.

Measurable Improvements For Your Business

Our experience with technology and digital marketing provides our partners with many advantages to succeed in any niche.

We've Got This.

Our team is proven in the Tech Industry. Growing & Innovating multiple businesses across Ireland. We focus on the Tech so you don't have to.
Do you have a dream? Let's make it happen together!
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